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Garage Door Repair Solutions

Our professional technicians are always busy helping local homeowners with various garage door related issues. If you're looking for examples of our work, then check out some of the latest projects we completed.

Track Replacement | Westmont | Inglewood, CA

Track Replacement

Customer Issue: Mr. Clay was frustrated by his garage door seeming to move much more slowly than before, as well as sticking some.
Our Solution: Our experts examined the garage door and its components, finding that the problem was one of the tracks. It was warping due to age, thus making it more difficult for the door to slide along it. The garage door was removed from the tracks so the damaged one could be replaced with a new one to solve the issue.

Clay Clarke - Westmont
Panel Replacement | Hawthorne | Garage Door Repair Inglewood, CA

Panel Replacement

Customer Issue: The garage door needed to get two of its panels replaced due to severe dents and damage.
Our Solution: Obtaining the new garage door panels wasn't hard, as the model the customer had wasn't too old so as to be rare. After returning with the replacement panels, we removed the two bottom sections that'd been damaged and fitted the new panels into their spot. We then checked the travel limit of the opener to make sure the door would open and close without damaging the bottom sections.

Wayne Marquiz - Hawthorne
Spring Replacement Project | Garage Door Repair Inglewood, CA

Spring Replacement

Customer Issue: Rattling noises during the door’s operation alerted the customer about a badly warped and rusted extension spring.
Our Solution: Our team locked the door in an open position, and had Mr. Carville remove his vehicle from the garage to avoid the risk of damage. Once all was clear, our team removed both extension springs and installed new units in their place. After some minor adjustments to ensure efficient movement, the door was back to its smooth and silent operation.

Ben Carville - Lennox
Sensor Alignment | Garage Door Repair Inglewood, CA

Sensor Alignment

Customer Issue: Sensor alignment out of place.
Our Solution: Our technicians checked the sensors of Mr. Ellis’s garage door and concluded that it was misaligned. With our industry-grade tools, we corrected the alignment without damaging the sensors.

James Ellis - Inglewood
Genie Remote Repair | Garage Door Repair Inglewood, CA

Genie Remote Repair

Customer Issue: Faulty opener remote control.
Our Solution: Since the wall transmitter worked properly, we confirmed that the issue was with the remote control itself and not the opener. After making sure the batteries were not dead, we replaced the remote with a matching Genie one, and added another one at the customer’s request.

Jake Moore - Ladera Heights
Chamberlain Opener Repair | Garage Door Repair Inglewood, CA

Chamberlain Opener Repair

Customer Issue: Remote control error while operating the opener.
Our Solution: The customer was unable to operate her Chamberlain garage door opener using remote control. Since the mounted keypad was working properly, we checked the antenna for any issue. The broken shunting of the antenna to the circuit board was the cause, which our technician soldered in an instant.

Selena Tores - Inglewood

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